Anonym massage in Madrid

Anonym massage

This massage becomes a sin and a secret that will make those who participate accomplices. It begins with a show, in which little by little you will be introduced to the game of tantra by the masseuses.

You are ready? Enjoy an intense and pleasant experience with the greatest erotic load you can imagine, but first …

The sense of sight plays a very important role, enjoy, relax and let yourself be guided.

Anonym massage in Zaragoza

The Anonymous Massage is one of the most erotic and revitalizing that you can find in Zaragoza, the result of IndaraZen’s commitment to quality and our truly unique experiences.

Anonym massage in Madrid

Available extras:

Add time

Enjoy longer!

Add 15 minutes
30 €

Extra shower

Erotic shower!

In company, best
40 €

Extra prosthatic

The more the better

Adds prosthatic ending
20 €
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