Tantric massage - Clandestine Pleasure in Madrid

Clandestine pleasure

Our most requested massage, the Clandestine Pleasure comes accompanied by new erotic positions, it is an erotic massage that will make you a slave to sensuality.
Surrender at the feet of our beautiful goddesses; professionals who will take you by the hand to the supreme climax.
We decided to create a fusion of various provocative postures to be performed in this massage; let yourself be guided, we impart our massages from the deepest mutual respect. Do not miss out on experiencing a clandestine pleasure.

The masseuse will surprise you; footjob, highly erotic melee poses and more Are you ready?

Tantric massage - Clandestine Pleasure in Madrid

Available extras:

Add time

Enjoy longer!

Add 15 minutes
30 €

Extra shower

Erotic shower!

In company, best
40 €

Extra prosthatic

The more the better

Adds prosthatic ending
20 €
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