Tantric massage - Caprice y Lust in Madrid

Lust Caprice

Caprice and Lust is the highest level of Indara caprices.
Massage so that they are always the best, we merge our best massages to offer you an exclusive service.

You will enjoy an aperitif and of course a bottle of wine, you will enjoy a romantic moment with your masseuse.

This caprice is ideal for those who always seek the best, for those who seek lust, for those who are not afraid to give in to pleasure.

Tantric massage - Caprice y Lust in Madrid

Available extras:

Add time

Enjoy longer!

Add 15 minutes
30 €

Extra shower

Erotic shower!

In company, best
40 €

Extra prosthatic

The more the better

Adds prosthatic ending
20 €
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