Tantric massage - Masaje Shiva in Madrid

Shiva massage

Immerse yourself in the tantric paradise of a very complete fusion massage with the Shiva Massage.
We add hints of debauchery and freshness for full relaxation, without losing the wildest side. Enjoy the kinkiness in an erotic shower with the masseuse. We offer you to maintain a high state of excitement throughout the session, with two possible endings if you wish, massage with continuous stimulation, discover pleasure in all your senses.

Turn this massage into a Deluxe experience. Shiva Deluxe massage, erotic bathtub, mutual massage and two poses of clandestine pleasure, two manual stimulations.

Erotic bath
Tantric massage - Masaje Shiva in Madrid

Available extras:

Add time

Enjoy longer!

Add 15 minutes
30 €

Extra prosthatic

The more the better

Adds prosthatic ending
20 €
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