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Work with us

Work with us

  1. Do you want to work with the best tantric and erotic massage center in Zaragoza?

You have several options: </ h3 >

Independent work : we offer the possibility of renting rooms in the center on time. Do you already have your client portfolio, and you want to offer them massages in a privileged location? You can rent a room, subject to availability and convenience to the center. See more information here: Rent a space or contact us. It is important: you can use the facility according to the agreed conditions, but you cannot use our brand to promote yourself, or use graphic material from our facilities for that purpose.

Collaboration Agreement: This is a commercial agreement. IndaraZen offers promotion under the umbrella of its commercial brand, as well as use of its facilities within said commercial activity. It is a symbiosis, and as part of the agreement we hope that the masseurs with whom we collaborate will benefit from our brand but we also demand that they contribute to strengthening it, offering a level of quality, a model of behavior and work capacity in accordance with our values. . You must be autonomous and be up to date with Social Security and the Treasury.

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